Sync’ up! … without getting drained


Save the World: Use Invidious
Quotes from the Erlang world
Mason jars
Musky Tusky


Kludge kingdom
Crypto earnings are not passive income
Ten years without Elixir


Old skin for the new ceremony
Value dragons
Bye-bye, Apple
From Vim to Ed
Micrometer & axe
My n-of-one observation of academia
The dismal tech
Startup hook pattern
Less noise with OTP
The saddest script I ever wrote
Future complications
Cshell is punk rock


Yazdani’s criterion
SNI relayd support in 6.6
Chatty design
Berkeley smorgasbord — part II
Nato’s question
No itch to scratch
Goodbye, Joe
Perceiving prospects
The Joy in Csh & Vi
bd, bn, bp, ls, w, e, & me
Google minus


Berkeley smorgasbord
Erlang/OTP on OpenBSD
Everyday crypto
Pulled Kludge Sandwich
Sticky footers in the 21st century
Bend it like gen_statem
For goodness namesake
What is money?
Will the ‘new electricity’ please stand up
Files with Extinct
Lament for search
Juggling & gluing with Extinct


The broth economy
Quaker Oats
Foo bar machines
Inbox-zero via shell mail
Yanni sings
NOTP: a middle way
Five reasons why Heroku is great after all
Sowell on software
Turing’s residuum
Serving Erlang
ikura & nginx
Hot routes with cowboy
Dear mainstream media
Simple slug generator


The unlearning curve
Last resort testing
Just be better than Apple
Prod-to-dev with Mnesia
Hotfix howto
Harsh rules for fine design
OTP releases by hand
Farewell, io:format
Elbowing JavaScript out
Please, kill your darlings
OTP dev-ops
Safe-guarding ikura in Rails
Introducing ikura workers
Litter as marketing
Hot-code burn marks
Goals & frameworks
Sequential living


Pinging Heroku
Erlang beauty
Docker to the rescue
Records in function heads
Why I stopped writing specs
An ikura app — part III
An ikura app — part II
Building an ikura app
Logic makes me hungry