Sync’ up! … without getting drained

dec 25

Is Elon Musk stupid or something?

N.B. This post is deprecated. For archival purposes, it remains here, but generally, it ought to be disregarded by readers.

Twitter has been acting weird with some API endpoints recently, so I’ve been investigating other options for this and that. On going through some open source libraries, it came up that ‘’ is being used over at PayPal to handle various API endpoints for OAuth 2.0 on their end!

I’m super confused: I thought Musk was in the process of schlepping the Twitter brand over to ‘x?’ Was I wrong to assume, that one of the final moves, after building out his acquired social network to his liking whereby we can all use this everything app, was to have have ‘’ domain used for all things ‘x?’

Well, PayPal’s networks are parked behind this domain already. So, how could such a maneuver be on the horizon? An established financial mecca, just dismantling their API endpoints in order to release this domain name back to Musk, seems unlikely.

(In case anyone has forgotten, Elon’s 2000s company, ‘,’ was cobbled into the already established PayPal company towards the end of that start-up’s initial life-cycle.)

Hey, more power to Elon. But if he didn’t own ‘’ fully, why would he think that porting the ‘x’ brand name over to Twitter, would be possible?

I obviously don’t know the full story… I’m curious to know more about this, however.