Sync’ up! … without getting drained

aug 31

Micrometer & axe

Tech upstarts have a propensity to live in two paradigms. In one instance, they exist in the founders’ heads, whereby there is little feedback and changes are made to tweak things just so. In the other instance, they exist in the market and there’s no telling what pull users will demand of you.

In a sentence, this feels like upstarts are all about measuring with a micrometer and cutting with an axe.

And if your product suffers from a slow feedback loop, whereby you don’t have the opportunity to have constant tugs at what you’re building, then the ever smaller the ruler and larger the cutting tool become.

When there is gulf between the precision of both tools, you know you’re in a tough spot.

It’s no wonder so many upstarts never get traction and ultimately flounder. When you are forced to navigate on two desperately different planes of realities, it can be disheartening to want to deal with such Janusian pursuits.