Sync’ up! … without getting drained

jul 14

Save the World: Use Invidious

I think it was George Gilder that coined the phrase that ads are not adds at all: they’re minuses.

But of course they are. For anyone who consumes content via the web, ads are only there to benefit the side of the equation that pushes such distractions.

In a real sense, though, ads aren’t only a distraction: they take up your time and they consume Internet bandwidth. Just how much bandwidth, you make ask?

I’ll leave that question hanging, because I only measure my dismay for ads by what degree my laptop fan kicks up every time I visit an ad-bloated website.

Let’s just say that ads take up some bandwidth, to be generous and accurate.

Now bandwidth isn’t in the ether; it is a function of time, energy, and money in a truly real way.


If you want to use less energy and save the World, don’t tolerate ads. Sure, you’re not doing anyone that slings these ads any favors by doing this, but at least you’ll be saving the World!

But, how do you avoid seeing ads? Well, for starters, start using Invidious instead of Youtube.

If you were to do just that, you’d consume zero ads that are martialed by Google, and consequently, consume less bandwidth and save the World!

I’m aware that Youtube offers a blackmail plan where for a marginal fee, you can have ads supressed. But what’s the best way to respond to blackmail, I ask you?