Sync’ up! … without getting drained

oct 21

Value dragons

I love the idea that in order to gain the gold, you have to slay the dragon that protects it.

I grew up playing 8-bit video games. And while I don’t game any longer, the lessons in some of those classic roll-playing games were so darn basic, it amazes me how easily I’ve come to overcomplicate the rules of the game as they come up in life.


Some of us want to capture an amount of monetary wealth in their short time here on earth. One of the ways to achieve that is by creating value for the world, but not neglect to capture a healthy per cent of that value.

Unlocking value is the key to the kingdom, and it stands to reason the larger the value, the bigger the pile of gold.


What I’m constantly losing sight of is that if one isn’t unlocking value for the world, then there won’t be gold to reap. If one creates a product that is, say, too early to market, doesn’t get pull, or what have you, then no dragon was ever found.

Of course, anyone can be queried about ‘what would make your life better?’ only to be answered with a litany of great solutions that have yet to come to be. So, dragons seem to be everywhere. But actually, the lion’s share of these are just origami dragons, and most of the remainder aren’t even that.


Finding a product, or an expression of a product, that gets pull, truly is the dragon protecting the gold. Not the product itself, but its interplay with timing, a group of users, its price point, etc., This is the monster anyone trying to capture the gold from, must concern themselves with.

Akin to old 8-bit roll-playing video games where luck, experience, and leveling up is how it all goes down, such is business. Difficult to do? Maybe. However, the rules for capturing the gold are actually remarkably simple.